In this post I will not explain how not to get infected by malware from a piracy site or something like that, I will only explain the steps you can take to avoid being caught by the authorities.

What is a vpn and when do you need it?

VPNs are often marketed as this definite privacy solution for browsing the web, however, you don’t always need it.

If you are watching a movie on a piracy site(streaming) and that site’s link begins with https it means that the traffic is encrypted and yout ISP doesn’t know what you are doing there. If it starts with http(without s at the end) then the traffic is not encrypted and using a VPN for such a site is recomended.

If you are downloading a movie or a game or whatever from a piracy site that has a direct link download, and that site uses https protocol, you don’t need a vpn since your ISP will only know that you are on the site but will not know what you are doing there. If the site doesn’t use https protocol, but http, just like mentioned above, you should use a VPN.

If you are downloading a torrent of a pirated movie/song/game then you defenetly need a VPN, no matter what kind of site you found it on.

When choosing a VPN, a rule of thumb is that there are no good free vpns, but there are some. Proton VPN is a trusted VPN service that has a free plan and while it can get a bit slow on the free plan, it is good enougn. It is worth noting that Proton VPN free plan doesn’t support torrents. There are plenty of VPN providers that offer a one week trial, for example Malwarebytes privacy. It also supports p2p sharing(torrenting) and you can make an account when needed with a disposable mail(from a site like 10minutemail/guerillamail).


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  1. Unless you use starlink… ~~Then any piracy you should use a VPN~~

    Edit: source said they only tested P2P

  2. Should I use it whilst I download the torrent in BitTorrent or can I turn it off while I download? Also do I have to have it on while watching the movie?

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